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Dear visitor of this website,


Perhaps you have found this website by chance, or perhaps you were seeking information about me or my work. In any case, thank you very much for your interest. You can find out about various aspects of my work as a composer and as an ethnomusicologist here.

For complete files of lectures, please contact me directly. For articles in books and in my own publications, please contact the respective publisher. Links may be found in my list called "links".

For scores please contact the respective publisher (note: all scores are published by Bärenreiter/Kassel or Verlag Neue Musik Berlin). In certain cases I can also send a PDF version.

Finally, I would appreciate to receive your questions, suggestions or criticism. Every serious contact will receive an appropriate answer.
Dieter Mack





9th of December; Percussion Solo Recital by Max Riefer at University of Music Lübeck, including "Snells BEach" 


Finally my Triple-CD has been published: "KLINGENDE FÄDEN & SPRECHENDE RHYTHMEN" (Sounding Threads & Talking Rhythms")
Order Number: MHL P 203 I-III at for just 19.- Euro (shipping additional)
Chamber Music (CD 1), Organ Music (CD2), Orchestra Music (CD3)

All other performances until the end of November have been cancelled due to Corona. However, all performances are only postponed to 2021/2022.

Detailed informations will be shown here if they are available.

I also would like to inform that I will continue to teach in Lübeck until March 2021.


Two further links with discussions/interviews:


For those who can read Bahasa Indonesia

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