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What will Happen in 2012

Probably More "Slow-Food"

After a quite dramatic, turbulent and exhausting year 2011, it is my hope that I can realise my compositorical ideas with new energy in the coming new year. Beside some smaller compositions, it will be mainly a work for the youth ensemble of the MusikFabrik/Cologne and a percussion concert for Johannes Fischer that will occupy me intensively. The work for the youth ensemble will be premiered at the Darmstädter Ferienkurse (still tentative) and later during a Southeastasian tour. Precise dates will be published as soon as possible. In summer I will have a second project phase (establishing of a PhD program for music education) at UPI Bandung. And I will conduct a second Bigband workshop in Bandung.

I wish you all a successful and healthy year 2012, and I would be happy to meet you all during one of my concerts. Please note that only the premieres and portrait concerts are shown on this website.