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Composition Competition/Workshop Southeast Asia

A Successful Event by the Goethe Institute & UPI Bandung

From September 29, 2011 until October 12, 2011 the workshop of the composition competition for young Southeast Asian composers (which had been announced on this website as well) that had been published by the Goethe Institute, took place in Bandung/Indonesia. Young artists should compose for mixed setting of western and gamelan instruments. Therefore we had the Berlin-based Ensemble Mosaik (conductor: Robert HP Platz) with eleven musicians and the Bandung-based Ensemble Kyai Fatahillah (leader: Iwan Gunawan). Unexpectedly we had over 70 applications, from which an international jury selected 10 compositions. These 10 composers had been invited to participate in the workshop, where their works had been practised intensively. Problems of concept and performance had been the main focus of the workshop. Finally, three works had been selected again (Matius Shan Boone-Indonesia, Alexander Villanueva-Philippines and Danilo Endangan Imson - Philppines/Singapore). The composers received money prizes without a ranking. The concert program with all ten works had been presented in Bandung, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. It was well received at all three places with even an audience of 600 people in Bandung (about 250 in Jakarta and Yogyakarta). Furthermore there was also a concert with works of the jury members (again an audience of about 600) and a seminar at UPI Bandung. The model of the competition shall be repeated as a biennale in 2013 (Manila) and 2015 (Síngapore). As the artistic director of the event, I would like to say thank you to the Goethe Institute (Franz Xaver Augstin, Katrin Sohns), UPI Bandung (Juju Masunah) and all the other numerous supporters for their amazing work and contribution. By that we had a successful and satisfying event for all.