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August 2008

Darmstadt Text and CD

Parallel to the International Courses of New Music in Darmstadt 2008 the textbook “Musik-Kultur”, Darmstädter Diskurse 2, Texts of the 43d International Courses for New Music 2006, edited by Jörn Peter Hiekel on behalf of the IMD (Saarbrücken, Pfau-Verlag) has been published. It includes Dieter Mack’s contribution “IN Search for an Own Culture – Composing in the Field of Tension of Bi-Cultural or Multi-Cultural Experiences” (text is in German).

Also published has been the CD of the International Courses 2006 in Darmstadt with recordings from Robin Hoffmann, Mar André, Klaus Huber and Dieter Mack (“Kammermusik IV” with the Ensemble Modern, Angelika Luz-Soprano and Brad Lubman conducting) on the label NEOS (neos 10821)