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Dear visitor of this website,


Perhaps you have found this website by chance, or perhaps you were seeking information about me or my work. In any case, thank you very much for your interest. You can find out about various aspects of my work as a composer and as an ethnomusicologist here.

For complete files of lectures, please contact me directly. For articles in books and in my own publications, please contact the respective publisher. Links may be found in my list called "links".

For scores please contact the respective publisher (note: all scores are published by Bärenreiter/Kassel or Verlag Neue Musik Berlin). In certain cases I can also send a PDF version.

Finally, I would appreciate to receive your questions, suggestions or criticism. Every serious contact will receive an appropriate answer.
Dieter Mack




As it was to be expected, I was also hit in various forms by the Corona crisis, but I try to make the best out of it. Currently my health is fine again, but I am currently one of 3000 test persons of the University clinic for a thorough Corona study. It means that I am really "under control".

Almost all performances of my music have been cancelled until November (see events), except the premiere of "Dark" for Akkordeon & Violoncello on 21st of November in Taufkirchen/Munich. There is still no news about the project with Ensemble Handwerk at the end of September. If I have new information, I will put it here.

NEWS FROM 18th of June: The trumpet-Quartet "FFFF" will be performed between 18th and 20th of September 2020, in Freiburg,  but outdoor and in different places. Precise schedule ist still unknown.

The good thing is that all cancelled performances are only postponed and will take place in 2021/2022. When I have fixed dates, I will announce them here.

University business is slowly getting back to normal. I still do some online teaching but individual direct meetings as well with those students, who are in Lübeck.
I'd like to inform as well that I will continue to teach fully until March 2021, due to some difficulties with my successor.

For those who can read Bahasa Indonesia
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